Precious Hearts,

I am so happy to report that I am a graduate! For the last three semesters I have been finishing my BA at Naropa University in Boulder. It was a long journey, beginning in Fall of 2011. I finished my thesis the day of my 70th birthday. I’ve always been a late bloomer!

So. What’s next? This website is in a redesign mode and the URL for this page will be changed to soon. This is a healing space for all who find my site. My focus for the last seven years has been a deep dive into the science and understanding of what is now being called complex trauma, or CPTSD. I’ll be posting blogs soon and sharing pieces of memoir to illustrate my own path with this ‘set-up’ and how childhood neglect and trauma impact the adult life-stream.

Check back soon! I’m excited about the changes.

LOVE Y’all,