If there were just a few words to describe me, those words might be renegade, teacher, and love activist. I have Grand children, and want a world for them that is safe, abundant, intriguing and full of possibility. It does not look like we are headed in that direction, and I want to help turn the tide, so to speak, in these next 20 years or so (hopefully!) that I have left here.
I’ve spent most of my professional life helping others make changes that empower and support all of who they are and can become. For 20 years, I’ve had a private healing practice, working with individuals and couples to assist in helping them become all that they dream of being, in the realm of intimacy and relationship.
All along the way I’ve gathered tools and found ways to be of service and offer whatever I have, even if it’s only a kind word or a touch of the hand. Because I’m sure of this: we are all in this together. We have many more similarities than differences and it is a delightful dance to get to know each other and share our journey for a while along the path.
If interested, here is my Resume.
If you have an interest in astrology, here is my chart. It’s a doozy: May 8, 1952, Amarillo, Texas at 6:35 PM.
“Everything is fixed, and you can’t change it.” Jesus to Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ Superstar
(Only an astrologer will understand this reference.)