When someone is really ready for empowered change, a skilled facilitator is of great value. My techniques fall into two categories. Here are some differences:
A deep listener can ‘hear’ the subtext of what is said and gain insight into the unconscious ways we sabotage our success. There is an art to gently offering suggestions for change, as each of us has our limits as to what we believe is possible. The truth is that anything is possible. Only our beliefs limit our capacity to manifest. Our thoughts direct our actions and level of confidence, and the Universe will open to support us when we embody the belief that anything is possible. Having someone to walk alongside us as we experiment and gain feedback is a valuable partner in expansion and growth, personally and in business.
And it’s all tied together – when we are working on ourselves, our work is impacted in a positive way, and when we are doing business in new ways, we grow spiritually.
The foundation of any exchange must be imbued with the sacred presence of respect and honoring. Much support is offered for the person who is bravely stepping up to transform her life, not just by the guide, but also from every direction, once a course is determined and small steps are taken. The universal forces arrange people, places and things to support the evolution of our intentions.
How do we take our challenges and make them work for us? My life to this point has been about wrestling with the demons that were installed by the dysfunction and insanity of my family lineages. For my efforts at self-discovery and deep inner work, I was ejected from my family and made the scapegoat. My frame around family has expanded to mean the family of humanity. How do we overcome the roles we took on in our family systems, that we now impose in every group we are a part of out in the world? Healing the patterns of family dysfunction will allow a great collective healing to take place – IF we do the inner work, as we navigate relationships and are willing to break up routine responses and develop new ones.
In working with intimacy issues, consulting works well with individuals when the issues are functional. Having worked with hundreds of people over 30 years, there is repetition in what folks bring to the session. There are things that work for almost everyone when we are working at the functional level in the field of sex and intimacy.
It becomes a lot more interesting and creative in the emotional, energetic and spiritual realms. Every situation has unique ‘set-ups’ and blocks. Coaching works better here, because experimentation is crucial. If one thing doesn’t help, we try something else. There are endless possibilities in how to heal the heart, mind and spirit.
Blending Coaching with Consulting
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