50 Shades of Jade is looking for investment funding to launch some exciting business ideas. If you or anybody you know is interested in putting money to work for the dual purpose of getting an enticing return on investment and creating healing in the world through bringing nurturing light to our dark wounded places, please contact Jade.
In Addition to the Drop-Boxes, Concepts Include:
Heart Puja Events – Heart Pujas are workshops focused on the cultivation of heart connected communication and healing. They were well attended in both Austin, TX and Denver/ Boulder, CO. There is tremendous need for more of these events. We currently lack locations and a network of publicity and support to resume these events, and the assistance with logistics to present them. Ideally these events would be franchised with Jade as the trainer for Puja conductors, so that the glorious experience of Heart Puja is made available to more people.
Other workshops that have been designed and at least partially presented are the Firewoman Workshop and the Queen’s Bedroom for men.
Sacred Wildness – Would somebody PLEASE help me get the first book out there? I have plans for many more, but the first birth is always the hardest. Some of my planned titles are: Tantra for Bubba: Sacred Sex for Rednecks; It’s Always There: The Developmental Phases of Our Sex Lives; It’s All Good: Gender Bending at the Energetic Level; and How I Survived With a Bad Reputation in a Small Town – But Not For Long. OK: I just made up most of these titles (except for Bubba), but you can see my creative juices flowing, right? Connect with me: I’m getting old fast! Writing partners and publishing coaches are desperately needed.