I love supporting small business owners, and typically stay away from companies structured in corporate or pyramid models. Changing the name from pyramid to multi-level marketing or network marketing doesn’t change the racket. When you consider products, think about the energetics of the sales structure, the production of the product, and the influence on the people involved. Does the structure support exploitation and greed or cooperation and sharing?
I was fortunate to spend a few days with Helen Stembridge during a trip to Texas in spring of 2018. Helen, owner of Earth Angel Oils, is a high integrity, heart-centered merchant who finds the highest quality oils for her products. Her oils are magnificent and magical. If she doesn’t have a blend for what ails you, she’ll make one for the specific condition or concern. While staying with her, I learned that oils really appreciate human contact during the process of getting to the end user. Helen hand blends her oils, and they are bottled by hand by her trusty helpers, Rusty and Juanita. Helen said that the oils don’t like being forced through machines, and that it diminishes their potency. Her oils are just waiting to help you! Helen and her crew really are Earth Angels and their products are top notch.