CSL Sunday Service Talk

Our theme in March is Walking Each Other Home. Since I’m speaking on the last day of the month, and our April theme will be Sprouting Infinite Possibilities, I’ll combine the two in my talk, with my title, Walking with

Bitterroot Holistic Practitioners

We’ll have a 20 minute business meeting, then a member will give us a presentation. We’ll end the meeting with helpful suggestions for the talk, and appreciation for this memeber’s presence in the Valley. This will be our only meeting

CSL Sunday Service Talk

January’s theme is Spiritual Evolution. My title is “Everybody Has Their Song.” I will craft my presentation around personal experiences and some theory that I have developed about integrating all parts of who we are and being fully incarnate, embodied

Bitterroot Network: Our Birth Date?

We will be finalizing the process for naming our group on Wednesday, December 5th, in the beautiful healing arts studio of Becki Koon. Hopefully, we’ll be doing a naming ceremony and celebration of our ‘birth.’ Come and play with us!

The Blissful Times Revives!

So close to launch, and again setting a new date of January 1st. Kudos to web designers Daniel Ziskin and Christina Osborne for attempting to understand my chaotic mind and playing along. Out of retirement: into the debate…with love. We