We will be finalizing the process for naming our group on Wednesday, December 5th, in the beautiful healing arts studio of Becki Koon. Hopefully, we’ll be doing a naming ceremony and celebration of our ‘birth.’ Come and play with us! Bring a snack to share if that’s easy.
For more information, contact Jade.
  • Opportunity to meet and trade sessions, to better understand each other’s work and form a referral base of practitioners. Healers get healing sessions!
  • Create support for each other in the healing arts
  • Learn presentation and leadership skills in the meeting and mini-workshops we may want to offer membership, on topics such as branding, marketing, and advertising as a healer
  • Learn to be succinct and inspire curiosity by how we introduce our work
  • Learn to honor time frames and cultivate a welcoming environment in our practices, offering exquisite customer/ client service
  • Promote inclusivity and diversity in the Valley
  • Develop community presence as a group
  • Explore opportunities to help educate about and expose the work that we do (Farmer’s Market, health fairs, partnerships with other business owners)
  • Use of co-creative partnerships for our meeting place and the business services we use
  • Develop a Directory of Practitioners for distribution in the Bitterroot Valley
Jade founded a similar organization, The Healing River Alliance in Bastrop, Texas in 2004. That group is still going strong and publishes an annual directory.
Bitterroot Network: Our Birth Date?