I came across Alaskan Essences pretty early in my practice. Located in Victor, this company is what initially brought me to Montana for a workshop about using their products with animals. Some of them are specifically for healing the imbalances of masculine/ feminine energies and for times of transition and transformation. Alaskan Essences offers plant, mineral and environmental tinctures. There are some excellent combination sprays. These work for animals very well, and help the humans that they love.
A fabulous collection of essences from southwestern deserts, these focuses on trauma healing with these supportive plants. Essence of the Desert is the life’s work of Mimi Kamp.
I have the full set of kits for the Perelandra products. These were my first ones and I love them so much.
Tree Frog Farm essences come from an island off the coast of Washington state. Since I’m so close the the great Northwest now, I’d like to visit them sometime.
The Bach Flower Essences are probably the best known in the world. This link takes you to an organic set.