I charge $150 per session. The first couple’s session is 2 hours long and is reduced to $240. This takes place in person in the studio. On-going phone or Skype sessions are never more than an hour in length ($150). In-person, ongoing sessions of 1 hour, with flexibility of up to an additional 20 minutes are $150. Booked weekly or bi-weekly, a course of four sessions will give foundational practices and time to practice and integrate them. See the Specials page for the package discount on four sessions. To obtain the discount, payment must take place for all four meetings at once.

Payment is handled at the end of the session, unless other arrangements are previously made. I prefer cash, but can accept checks or credit/debit cards via PayPal with a 5% service charge added for PayPal and bank fees. This payment method must be completed prior to our meeting. Otherwise, I will expect cash payment at the end of each session.