cropped-logo-2There is tremendous curiosity and deep need for sacred sexuality on college campuses. We gained valuable experience by starting a student group at Naropa University. We discovered many opportunities to teach and mentor youth who are disillusioned with sex that is separate from their spiritual identity. Profane sexual activities are abundant but sacred portals are rare. I see great opportunity in bringing these offerings to college campuses across the country. I offer inexpensive consulting and support for Universities and Colleges to offer this sex-positive approach to sex education.
I was blessed to be able to start a student group while attending Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.
Here is our Mission Statement:
Sacred Sex Salon is a sex-positive educational discussion group committed to bringing health, empowerment, and sacredness to sexuality and relationships. We warmly welcome all identities on the sexual spectrum and are committed to conscious, enlivening, and heartfelt conversation on topics that are culturally taboo. We offer events, workshops, and ongoing student meetings that support students in a safe and sacred environment.
Our Vision:
We stand for: Appropriate sex-positive and safety education at each developmental phase; Skills to build embodied, conscious relationship with self and others; Sexual healing at all levels: individual and collective; and Sacred, holistic sexuality.
What if Sacred Sex Salons were on campuses all over the country? The University of Montana at Missoula was highlighted in a book published in 2015, just as I had arrived in Montana. Written by Jon Krakauer, Missoula~Rape and the Justice System in a College Town was being read by everyone I met. Sadly, this situation is playing out all over the country, but was especially entrenched in Missoula. Sacred Sex Salon is a discussion and education-based meeting for students. Our tag line at Naropa was We ARE Gonna Talk About It. And we did.