This work promotes connection, healing and deep evolution of the human heart and soul. There is a tender and most important union with all aspects of Self, that permeates all our interactions with others and our own Beloved Self.

Why do this work?
Cultivating the sacredness and connection of our most intimate acts has a healing effect that begins to permeate the rest of our lives. Intimacy is not just sexual. It’s presence can be felt in everything we do, with everyone we meet, by cultivating pure, loving presence, an open heart and gentle curiosity. When we address the wounding in the most intimate and private parts of ourselves, that healing initiates a domino effect that allows holistic health at all levels. True empowerment is preceded by the integration of every aspect of who we are, as human beings and as beings of light. Once empowered, we have the delightful task of inspiring and empowering others.
Together, we will explore your own relationship to your body, your heart and your mind. As our work unfolds, magically, the Beloved Other becomes everyone you meet, and you choose to engage from a place of whole-heartedness and joy, rather than old, destructive patterns. We have all experienced an abundance of misinformation and negative programming about love and sex. The confusion and shame that this causes prevents us from reaching the real depths of sexual love and intimacy. Powerful and lasting transformation is possible through simple, yet profound practices of sacred sexuality. Please be aware that this is a path of healing. It takes time to explore and expand into this new way of being. When you set the intention for more love and connection in your life, everything that has limited your ability to have this will arise to be released.
Please note: Sessions, classes and workshops are held in a safe, structured environment with no nudity or explicit sexual activity. There is no interactive sexual activity during our time together. I work with a blend of coaching and consulting techniques and each session is custom designed based on our progress.