Sacred Wildness
“Examine me as you will. You will not recognize me for I will become one thousand things before your very eyes.” ~ Rumi
These sites are in revision for re-launch of my healing arts practice, Sensual Wisdom, and will be a repository for my writings on many topics of interest, through frequent blogging.
The pages and the domain names I hold are undergoing a major overhaul. Sacred Wildness describes my ride through this world, and my intentions for this final phase, elder-ship, or what I like to call the Old Woman decade and legacy. This is a healing space where we explore the many possibilities of a great spiritual awakening, rooted in awareness and the activating presence of a perspective of sacredness – especially in regard to sexuality. I’ll blog often and will get back to the quarterly newsletter, The Blissful Times. September 1st is our launch date. I’ll also be opening a smaller version of my healing arts practice, focused on assisting couples in enhancing their intimate connection and bonding deeply as each other’s healer through practices of sacred sexuality. Sensual Wisdom is on the move! Watch for more…
Love y’all, Jade
~ August 2023