Release past suffering – and experience deep love and true bliss.
Join like-minded adults seeking a deeper level of connection and intimacy. Puja conductor, Jade Beaty creates a safe, comfortable and sacred space for beginning exploration of the precious teachings and practices of sacred sexuality. If you have been curious about Tantra, but didn’t know where to start, this is the event for you. Couples may stay together throughout the evening, or join in the singles rotation. This introductory event is comfortable for singles and couples of any sexual orientation.
Jade skillfully guides with her insights into the balance and imbalances of masculine and feminine energies, as they play out in each individual, in the dance of partnership, and in all the systems we participate in, day to day. Her teachings are leading-edge and tremendously healing, whether you are in a partnership with Beloved Other or Sweet Self. NOW is the time to heal the deepest wounds between men and women, masculine and feminine, and move into a new vision of what’s possible in intimate relationships.
What will Heart Puja do for me?
Cultivate exploration of the dance of masculine and feminine energies and the balancing of these two compelling, complementary and sometimes conflicting forces.
Provide a beautiful introduction to Tantric concepts through a series of sweet and simple interactive exercises.
Assist in transcending limitations that keep you from conscious, heart-connected loving.
Cultivate an enhancement of spirit and a joyous embrace of the sensual gifts of the body.
Our Three Circles of Puja:

One Heart Community Puja ~ First Circle Introductory

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase, “each other” doesn’t make any sense.” Rumi

This puja is for everyone, from infants to elders, and does not require gender balance, as everyone interacts with everyone else. It is offered for love donations, with perhaps a $10 suggested minimum amount, to cover costs. It is the perfect fundraiser for groups.
One Heart Puja presents the principles of living a Tantric lifestyle. It promotes the world view that there is only one of us here: that what happens to one of us happens to all of us at some level of consciousness, because we are all contained within the embodiment of what we call God. Tantric principles help heal the isolation and separation of the illusion of duality. It brings us into the precious awareness that each of us is a spark of the Divine, manifesting in our own unique and beautiful expressions. We are much more similar than different and everyone matters.
Our One Heart Puja works in all kinds of venues and groups. Yoga studios could offer a puja as a gift to their patrons. Churches, retirement villages, non-profit organizations… the list is endless. The connection and healing that Heart Puja cultivates spreads peace, joy and mutual understanding. It WILL help heal the heart of each participant and mend the collective heart of humanity.

Heart Puja ~ Second Circle Intermediary

This puja is required before advancing to the Third Circle, our Awakened Heart Puja.

Imagine a safe and comfortable place where men and women see each other in a new light. He sees her as a goddess – a vessel for the divine feminine presence. She sees him as a god – an expression of the spirit- empowered masculine essence. Through their eyes and their breath, they communicate, with the love of the Divine surrounding them.
They begin to cultivate the awe and wonder of such a connection, the presence of divinity, of their awareness, of their inner connectedness.
How It Unfolds…
A Heart Puja, a real-world exploration of the dance of masculine and feminine energy, is a beautiful and profound experience.
We begin with an opening circle and agreements are put in place about interacting in an environment of sacred space, being sure that everyone feels included, safe and respected.
Wise elder and young, singles and couples, the group forms an inner circle of women, facing outward.
Surrounding this circle is an outer circle of men, facing inward, all beginning to connect with their eyes.
Woman to man, they connect further with hand holding, soul gazing and synchronized breath.
The puja progresses through tender stages where participants find the presence of Divine love in each other. A container of safety and comfort is expertly maintained by the puja conductor, so that the experience is sensual and erotic but not overtly sexual.
As the puja continues, the ceremonies move to the next level. The partners change, each man taking the hands of a new woman with whom to share and connect.
She puts her hand over his heart…and the connection deepens. The highlight of the evening is a feeding ceremony of sensual delights, bringing new meaning to the phrase, “Feed each other.”
All of these things and more are the gifts of puja, the teachings of sacred sexuality, and expansion into a richer, more deeply loving life.

Awakened Heart Puja ~ Third Circle Advanced

Our Awakened Heart Puja takes us into deeper sexual healing techniques and teachings. The evening is conducted in an atmosphere of respect and honoring, safety and comfort. Attendance at the Heart Puja is required before joining this more advanced interaction.

Questions We’ve Received
Answers by Jade, founder of Heart Puja
Q. Who is Heart Puja for?
A. Single and partnered men and women of all sexual orientations who want to expand their capacity to experience the BIG love that exists in all it’s miraculous forms, beyond just sexual attraction. This event is a fabulous, safe and sane introduction to the teachings of sacred sexuality.
Q. Why is sacred sexuality important?
A. Our conditioning has burdened us with all kinds of expectations and layers of repression, guilt and shame around our sexuality. Sacred sex promotes awareness of the divinity of intimate encounter, and gives us techniques and practices for cultivating an awareness of the presence of the Divine – not just with our most intimate Beloved, but with everyone we meet!
Q. What should I wear?
A. We’ll be sitting on the floor some, standing, and moving around, and dancing, too! Wear elegant but comfortable clothing. This is an opportunity to bring out the god/goddess in YOU! We acknowledge the body as a precious temple, worthy of adornment. Heart Puja encourages adornment of the physical body as a temple of visual and sensual delight. You’ll be asked to remove your shoes at the door.
Please limit the use of perfumes, colognes and essential oils, due to the sensitivity of some individuals and the closeness of our meeting place. If you are a smoker, please contact me for protocol.
Ladies enjoy flowing scarves, belly dance attire, or comfortable evening wear.
Gentlemen may be creative, with a vest, sarong or special robe or shirt.
Q. What can I expect at the workshop?
A. This experience is hard to describe, and once you join us you’ll want to come again and again. Each puja has it’s own energy and there are always new people at our events. Expect to meet like-minded, spiritually focused people who are longing for community that focuses on heart-connected interaction and communication. You will be skillfully guided through a series of sensual, sweet, heart opening activities where we all explore, witness and honor the gifts that we each bring to the collective community. The evening is focused on sensual pleasures and spiritual connection. There is no sexual touching or interaction. This is a very safe and sane workshop. The interactions are sensual and sweet, but not sexual in any way.
Q. Do we keep our clothes on?
A. Yes – Please!
Q. My partner and I are gay. Would we be comfortable at this event?
A. I have created pujas specifically for gay men and lesbian women. However, we have had many gay folks attend our events and they LOVE it, like everybody else. We work with the harmony of masculine and feminine energies, which are in all of us, no matter our gender orientation.
Q. What if there are more men there than women?
A. We strive for gender balance, but don’t guarantee it, as there are always last minute changes to the roster, or someone doesn’t show up. If I must say so myself, I am masterful at handling any imbalances. Trust me on this one, and don’t let the fear of lack keep you away! There’s enough feminine love to go around.
Q. I’m in my 70s. Am I too old for this?
A. Absolutely not! We’ve had participants from ages 18 – 81. I do suggest that 18 be a minimum age, although I’d love to design a puja for teens at some point.
Q. I have trouble sitting on the floor for very long. Would I be able to do the exercises?
A. One of the things stressed in our opening circle is self responsibility for your own comfort and needs. Ask for what you want. There are chairs and back jacks available, and you are invited to bring anything else you would need to get comfortable. If you prefer to sit in a chair for the exercises, that can be arranged with your partners. Sacred sex is about creating an environment of comfort, peace and pleasure. That’s why I own dozens of pillows!
Q. What if I can’t find a partner for an exercise?
A. Over the course of the evening, singles will rotate partners. Every single man will have an interaction with every single woman in the room.
Q. We’re married. What if we want to stay together?
A. It’s absolutely fine for couples to stay together for the rotational puja. Sometimes couples choose to join the rotation, but be together for the feeding ceremony.
Q. I’m married, but my wife refuses to come because she is not comfortable in groups. Could I participate without her?
A.  Yes. You’ll be learning many things that you can take home to share with her. I suggest that you have her permission, so you can relax and enjoy the evening. I’m happy to speak with her and answer any questions or concerns she may have. Appropriate boundaries are in place at all times. The things you will learn will be a gift to the relationship.
Q. What is feeding ceremony?
A. We prepare a beautiful buffet of finger foods, and each participant fills his or her own plate, then has their partner feed them. Women feed the men first, then the men feed the women. Focus is on all the sensual aspects of eating: the delicious aroma; the first touch to the lips – noticing the temperature; then that very first taste – ah, the explosion of flavor with the full experience of the bite. Awareness of the consistency, texture, and taste of food is amplified when you are fed by another in sacred ceremony.
How to Prepare:
A word about hygiene (and not the town in Colorado) ~ Please treat yourself to a hot, soaky bath and prepare your body as you would ready a temple for ceremony and celebration. Men, please shave and wear comfortable, but nice clothes.
Some are made ill by perfumes and other man-made chemical-based products, such as incense, scented candles, insecticides and other toxic stews. Stronger detergents can cause a reaction, so please think about getting away from Tide, which is the worst for many. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are another hazard for others. When used routinely, they build up on the fabric. We strive for a completely inclusive environment, so please reduce your use of chemically toxic items as much as possible.
I strongly suggest that people set aside alcohol, marijuana and any other recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to a puja. If substances seem to be necessary for reducing inhibitions, please call me and I’ll give you some techniques to try. There are many of us who were raised by alcoholic parents, and the smell of alcohol can trigger feeling a lack of safety. It’s great to be completely sober for the pujas, because it proves that we can get totally high without substances.
As we will discuss in our opening circle, it is best to simply assume that there are people with us who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or rape, based on our grim statistics. Everyone experiences unwanted attention and intrusive energy. It is so important that there be no needy or grabby energy going on within our circle. Please be mindfully attuned to your partner’s moment of withdrawal from embrace and honor each others space with utmost respect. It is not OK to hold onto someone after they begin to withdraw.
I must say, I continue to be gratified and amazed at the quality of gentlemen that attend our events. I want to acknowledge them for their safety and sweet adoration of the feminine.
Awakened Heart Puja Testimonials:
“That was a SUPER Puja. My experiences there were profound, as I felt my layers peel away and my heart open to the universe and deeper into the souls of others. I feel I have healed a part of my heart that was holding me back from surrendering to love, due to hurts and holdings from past relationships. Bless you and thank you for the work you are doing”
“That was an absolutely amazing evening, thank you — for putting it together, creating and holding the sacred space, and drawing such wonderful people. It was a great opportunity. I’m so glad I was able to take advantage of it… and I definitely know it was healing–even if only in experiencing the deep respect of the men. These are such wonderful men! And I know that’s not the only healing aspect!”
“The Blue Moon Puja was sweet beyond words, up-lifting, and more and more I cannot describe! Today I’m so glad to be alive and part of this community. Last night truly destroyed some of my prejudices and negative feelings about men. I believe I am healing. I have a quite dark past with male relationships. So, I am truly happy to discover that I made some false assumptions. I thank you and all the beautiful men that really “showed up” last night and threw some brilliant but soft light on the truth!”
“The event is truly transformative – I feel refreshed and renewed, validated as a goddess on the path of Spirit. The words I find best describe the experience are: sacred, structured, safe. The tone of your correspondence, the rose petals path, the altar, the lighting and music, the assistants and your guidance during the puja created and held a powerful sacred space.The safety of all participants was supported in each and every detail.”
“We play, we dance, we feed each other strawberries and chocolate. By the end of the evening something precious has alighted upon us all,touching each in a different way.”
“The spark and light in everyone’s eyes at the end of the evening was testament to a joyful experience with exceptionally sweet people.”
Praise from Texans
Thoughts from participants in our Austin Pujas…
I welcome the Puja ~ the opportunity to transform into She Who is All Women, meeting the eyes and feeling the heart of He Who is All Men, in a place of Divine Love. Immense gratitude for taking me there every time, Jade!
Thank you, dear Jade, for the Puja I experienced. The evening was lovely, sweet, profound and amusing…I look forward to attending an advanced Puja under your artful arranging. I’m grateful for the gifts you give unto the World; you meet my need to be reminded to act on sending my gifts out into the World as well.
Jade & Michael: Thank you again for a delightful evening on Sunday. I thought you did a marvelous job as co-facilitators. Your presence and guidance were wonderful. I was a little bit apprehensive when I first considered going. The thought of what I expected the activities to be was fine–until I got to the part where I’d be doing them with people I did not know, including some people I probably would not be drawn to. Then I decided to go anyway because being with a group of people all of whom were there because they sought connection with others would have to be good. I’m very glad I was there, and look forward to the next puja. It also was nice for me to hear the thoughts Michael expressed about ‘sacred sexuality,’ because when I’ve heard the term before my reaction has always been ‘uh, oh!’ I thought people were trying to take all the fun and playfulness out of sex.
I’ve been thinking of you more often since the puja you envisioned and created…loving your presence, love, presentation and guidance!! Great work!
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and Love for the Puja last night. You and Michael brought together such wonderful, loving, and beautiful Souls to that magical space and time and helped us open our hearts and Souls to the Divine within. That was such a glorious, safe, and magical space, that I was able to shed all personality masks and bear my truth with such openness….I am humbled.
It was a very healing experience and as destiny would have it, I’m so glad I went! It’s so important not just to ‘know of’ but also to stay in ‘consciousness with’ the knowledge of yin and yang and the lack of balance and for everyone to work towards healing the wounds contributing to this imbalance. It is at the times when we feel the most alone and isolated in our feelings and experiences that we likely aren’t alone at all and just need to be reminded of the lack of truth in this fear, this feeling of nothingness.
I really bonded with one of the women in the ceremony whom I had only briefly met years ago. I ended up at her home a couple of weeks ago and we exchanged some beautiful words and moments and really just built on the healing that had begun during the puja itself. And that to me, is the best and most important part of puja you know? To be able to take that energy, that power WITH you and spread it around some! So we did, and it was awesome, and she is awesome and I felt awesome!
Thank you so much for allowing me to your exquisite puja ceremony last evening! The energy was wonderful and healing! I had a personal realization about something that holds myself back from my full Being~ness during the process that I am incorporating into my healing cycle work. Just that gift alone made it more than worth the effort to find your hide~a~way in the uncharted west! hehe!
I was feeling so sad and alone, and the puja was just the thing for me! I thought that the exercises were fun, it flowed well, and that the people were wonderful.”
Yes, I would like to say that puja is about creating a state of mind in which connectedness to oneself and others is profound. Puja is a way to create a loving space where the answers to life reside. Life is a puja…or it’s not. You choose. In a structured setting with the intent of creating that sacred space we learn the skills necessary to better our lives on an ongoing basis.
“Thank you again for facilitating the wonderful Tantric Puja last night. The safe, supportive, and loving environment allowed me to access a depth of feelings that I haven’t had for quite some time (maybe ever).”
I recently attended both a Puja and a Valentine Devotional ritual. Jade holds such sacred space that each participant opens more fully. I was awed and felt totally supported by the men at both events! I took my partner the second time, and neither of us gave more than a passing thought to the fact that we were doing such deep work with members of the opposite sex in each other’s presence.
I’m so glad I came to the puja on Saturday! My psyche was roasting me all day Saturday with fears and being in and out of body, until just before I got there. I can only say that I felt so cherished by the caliber of men you attract to do this work, and so safe in your directing and observing of this work. I definitely am interested in bringing my husband to a committed couples puja next year. This was immensely healing for me, I’ve written some more juicy poetry. I’m feeling very sexy again.
Colorado Testimonials
Thank you, Jade, for creating a most wonderful evening with so many beautiful hearts sharing such a loving connection with one another. It was one of my favorite pujas of the past two years, great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. As one of my friends said, who attended for the first time, “It was fantastic!
I wanted to let you know that my one Puja experience really changed me. Something happened during that evening — connections on such deep levels with the men. I see them differently now. It’s as if masks and costumes were dropped, and our real selves emerged. Feeling this change has allowed me to be more authentic, as the unique soul I am. And that is leading to more genuine relationships — spirit to spirit. I joined recently with the attitude of just enjoying men – as they are– and I’ve met a couple of very nice and real men. It’s awesome to feel okay about being totally myself, not trying to be who I think they want me to be. What I’ve noticed is how delighted they seem to be, when I am truly me. I don’t know if this makes sense. Let’s just say Puja was an amazing, sweet, and life-changing evening. Thanks so much!
Last night was such a healing for me. I want you to know how important your work is to me… and others… for the healing on this planet and its people. And, you probably do know but this is just a reminder that we need your work. This gave me the opportunity to begin to open to men again in a very safe place. The forgiveness exercise was very powerful for me.”
I felt more connected with people last night in my heart and soul than I have in three years. It was so nourishing and healing… I felt so full and so alive again. I feel like this is just the beginning of my opening up again… to move energetically into trusting again… like last night… it was monumentally healing.
Thank you again for putting your work out in the world. You presented it beautifully.
I wanted to thank you very much for last night’s Tantric Puja. I really had no idea what to expect but you created a safe and respectful environment where each of use could explore and process the male and female energies and for many of us, begin a process of spiritual healing and personal journey. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
The most directly erotic part of the evening was the food exchange –  very intimate and hypnotic.
Thank you for your facilitation and giggles. I loved the puja, I will be back. I would love to know what you are up to next and I wish you blessings in the new year. I felt very filled up after the seminar. I am determined to fully arrive into my femininity so that my energy only attracts what serves me.” Heather Steele,
Thank you for such a great Puja experience – again! You consistently create such a fun, joyful and relaxed atmosphere to experiment, stretch and grow in our much avoided sensual caring nature. The opportunities to show our hearts and nurturing, healing spirit to another are few and far between out in the world. And even fewer are our opportunities to receive the blessings from another, especially from one we may have only just met. In my desire to connect more often in a warm, inviting safe way, your pujas serve a crucial need. Thank you for sharing your laughter-filled self with us and enticing us to open more to our own beautiful sensual nature.” Gary Hendrickson,
I recently attended a Puja event facilitated by Jade and I’m still tingling (days later) in a most delightful way from the experience. There were at least 30 of us in attendance. Most of us were complete strangers to one another at first but that quickly wore off. We were told in the beginning that we could feel different by the end of the event and this cannot be overstated. In my opinion, what Jade teaches is designed to release and express the untapped innermost good that resides in each and every one of us. After a series of enjoyable and interesting exercises and techniques I found myself seeing the beauty and innocence of each participant and I left with feelings of a deeper connection to love for everyone in my heart. Jade was joyful, authentic, down to earth, spirited, energetic and outstanding in causing personal transformation to happen to each member of our group. I highly recommend Jade, as a teacher of tantric education, to anyone seeking self discovery and cosmic consciousness through ways unavailable anywhere else. I plan to continue my tantric education under Jade’s gentle, inspirational, effective and guiding light.”  Peace and Blessings, Rev. Thabiti,
I definitely enjoyed the Puja. The first hour was extremely powerful for me. I came to the circle anxious and nervous about what the evening would hold and then found myself totally amazed at how easy and natural it was to find deep connection with total strangers. Thanks…for an enlightening evening.